Friday Night competition results

Here are the results from the Friday evening competitions.


1 – Historic BBQ

2 – Peace, Love, and Smokiness

3 – Burning Pig BBQ

4 – High On The Hog

5 – Slippery Pete

6 – The Boot Grill

7 – Brutus and Company


1 – Brutus and Company

2 – Friday Night Smoke

3 – Historic BBQ

4 – Wood Fired

5 – Outlaw Attitude BBQ

6 – Chix-On-Hogs

7 – Dos Gringos

8 – Fathead’s Brewery

9 – Starbrick BBQ

CABO Infused Food

1 – Mama Renie’s

2 – Friday Night Smoke

3 – Brutus and Company

4 – Wood Fired

5 – Chix-On-Hogs

6 – Historic BBQ

7 – Outlaw Attitude BBQ

8 – Dos Gringos

9 – Starbrick BBQ

Meeting times for Friday

Steak Competition

2:00 Cooks meeting

4:45 Steak judges meeting

6:00 turn in at the Elks


4:00 Cooks meeting

5:30 CABO judges meeting

6:30 CABO infused food turn in

7:00 CABORita turn in


4:00 Cooks meeting at the Elks


8:00 – 8:30 P.M. at the stage on the square

All meeting and turn ins are at The Elks Lodge on Rocky Boot Way.

Steak Has Changed

Another change in the saga of the steak competition tomorrow.

The steak competition is happening. KCBS has stepped up and is sanctioning the event.

The entry is still $100. National Grilling Society rules. Copies of the current rules will be available at the cooks meeting.

Cooks meeting is at 2:00 p.m. at the Elks.

Turn in at 6:00.

If you’re going to cook and are not a team or vendor already in site with have a designated cook area in Rocky Boot Way.

Team Assignment Updates

As we posted earlier, there were a few changes to the team space assignments.  Here is the complete updated list.

Space     Team Name

West Columbus Street
1               Elitist Swine
5               Big Dogg
6               Bear Wallow BBQ
7               Friday Night Smoke
8               Spittin’ Feathers

Public Square
10              WV Loc N Loaded
11              Miller BBQ
12              North Meat/South Smoke
13              Hoot N Holler
14              Convicted Pig
16              Burning Pig
17              The Right to Bear BBQ
18              Chix-on-Hogs
19              Fathead’s Brewery
20              Peace, Love and Smokiness
21              T&S BBQ
22              Outlaw Attitude
23              Smoking Bad
24              Brutus & Co

Rocky Boot Way
34              Circle L

Fayette Street
40              Circle B
41              High on the Hog
43              Slippery Pete’s
45              Go Big or Go BBQ
46              Historic BBQ
L1              270 Smokers
L2              Foomanchoo BBQ
L3              Three Dogs BBQ
L4               Red Valley BBQ
L5              Smitty’s Real Pit BBQ

Street and parking lot closures begin at 5:00 p.m. Thursday.  We will not be placing teams or vendors before 5:00 p.m.!  As we get the streets clear of vehicles the placement of teams and vendors will begin.  Please be patient, this may take some time.  Also, if you want to give Michael a little advance warning to your pending arrival please call 740-300-0256.

For teams arriving on Friday, staff will begin getting teams place at 8:00 a.m.

Cabowabo Grilling &CaboRita Contest

The registration for this FUN competition will remain open til Friday, October, 19th til 2:00 pm..Only 35.00 to compete with your favorite teams and vendors!!



Historical BBQ

Foomoncho BBQ

Brutus and Company

High on The Hog

Friday Night Smoke

Fat Heads Brewery and Smokehouse

Outlaw Attitude BBQ


Starbrick BBQ


A Few Changes

There have been 3 team location changes. If your team isn’t listed below your still in the space you were assigned yesterday.

Big Dogg is now in space 5

Elitist Swine is now in space 1

Spittin’ Feathers is now in space 8

Thank you.

Team List

Here is the list of teams that have submitted applications for the 2018 competition and their space assignments.  There are also links to this year’s maps for space assignments toward the bottom of the post.  For those that have attended in previous years there have been some changes in space numbers this year.

Spaces 1-9 are on West Columbus Street
Spaces 10-24 are around the Public Square
Spaces 28-34 are on Rocky Boot Way
Spaces 40-46 are on Fayette Street.

Vendors will be on East Columbus Street

Space Team Name Head Cook
L1 270 Smokers Terry West
6 Bear Wallow Adam Kaylor
8 Big Dogg Mario Ramirez
24 Brutus & Company Doug Young
16 Burning Pig Dan Hurst
18 Chix-on-Hogs Lena Ford
40 Circle B Jeff Bish
34 Circle L Jeff Lamb
14 Convicted Pigs Chris Jackson
5 Elitist Swine Jim Restuccio
19 Fathead’s Brewery Todd Haase
L2 Foomanchoo James Hanson
7 Friday Night Smoke Tracy Payne
45 Go Big or Go BBQ Aaron Huentelman
41 High on the Hog Shawn Surber
46 Historic BBQ Tony Bruce
13 Hoot N Holler Ron Jamrick
11 Miller BBQ Corey Miller
12 North Meat/South Smoke
22 Outlawn Attitude Brian Dotson
20 Peace, Love, and Smokiness Matt Cole
L4 Red Valley BBQ Sean Moffatt
43 Slippery Petes Paul Grant
L5 Smitty’s Real Pit BBQ Kevin Smith
23 Smoking Bad Breny Hammons
15 Spittin’ Feathers BBQ Tim McMahon
21 T&S BBQ Shawn McColligan
17 The Right to Bear BBQ Jake Myers
L3 Three Dogs BBQ Bill Atkins
10 WV Loc N Loaded Jason Boggess

Teams that are competing in the ACSA or Cabo Wabo competition AND NOT the KCBS competition will be placed along Rocky Boot Way.

Click the links below for the maps for each street

2018 Fayette St.

2018 Public Square

2018 Rocky Boot Way

2018 W Columbus

As a reminder, teams and vendors will only be placed in spaces after 5:00 PM Thursday until 10:00 PM.  Staff will be available on Friday morning AFTER 9:00 AM to place teams and vendors.