Team Placement List

Here is the text version of the PDF file that was posted earlier.  This list is current as of 10/15.  We will be updating the list whenever there is a change.   I apologize if any of the teams are misspelled.


Space Team Name
West Columbus Street
1 Elitist Swine BBQ
2 Rocky Fork BBQ
3 Burning Pig BBQ
4 Bogey Smoke BBQ
5 Circle L BBQ
6 Friday Night Smoke
7 Charlie Que BBQ
8 The 5V BBQ
Nelsonville Public Square
17 W.V. Lock-N-Loaded
18 Sucka Bone BBQ
19 Double E Smokers
20 Backwoods Grillin
21 Brotha K’s BBQ
22 Elegantly Violent BBQ
23 Homeostasis BBQ
24 Ale Yeah BBQ
25 Convicted Pig BBQ
27 High on the Hog BBQ
29 T&S BBQ
30 Stacked Racks BBQ Co.
Fayette Street
35 Outlaw Attitude BBQ
36 Brutus & Co. BBQ
37 Fatheads Brewing & Smokehouse
38 Joe’s Smoke Hole BBQ
39 Smoke Rider BBQ
40 Smoking Bad
42 Tire Smoke BBQ
Rocky Boot Way (formerly Hocking Street)
46 Pitmaster BBQ
47 Flamable Fixins
48 Big Daddy Dove’s BBQ
49 Burnie’s BBQ
50 Kryptonite BBQ
52  Spittin’ Feathers BBQ
Rocky Boots Employee Parking Lots
L-1 270 Smokers
L-2 Foomanchoo BBQ
L-3 Slippery Pete
L-4 Smitty Real Pit
L-10 Historic BBQ
L-11 Peace Love Smokyness
L-12 Hee Haw BBQ

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