Let’s Make this a Full Weekend!

Some new and exciting updates for 2018!

In addition to the Cabo Wabo competition we announced 2 weeks ago the Ohio Smoked Meat and BBQ Festival has another FRIDAY NIGHT competition to announce…..

We will be hosting an ACSA (American Competitive Steak Association) competition on Friday, October 19, 2018.  The exact time will be finalized soon.

We are still working on publishing the applications and will have those posted as soon a possible.

The important high points for this contest are:

  1. The ACSA contest is open to KCBS members AND the public.
  2. The entry fee is $100 per team.
  3. Each team will be provided two (2) Ribeye steaks Friday evening to cook and turn in.
  4. For more information on the ACSA and their rules and contest etiquette please visit their website at ACSA


One Last Thing….

With the addition of these great Friday evening opportunities for our Teams and the Public we will be closing the streets on earlier than we had initially announced.  Again, we will have more details as we finalize these details.


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