Team Update

Here is a list of currently registered teams for the 2018 competition.

Smitty’s Real Pit
Fat Heads
Bear Wallow
Burning Pig
Three Dogs BBQ
Outlaw Attitude
Circle B
Hoot N Holler
Red Valley BBQ
Circle L
Convicted Pigs
Smoking Bad
Go Big or Go BBQ
Three Right Bear BBQ
WV Loc N Loaded
Friday Night Smoke
Big Dogg
Peace, Love, and Smokiness
Slippery Pete’s
Brutus & Company
270 Smokers

If you have sent in your registration and payment and are not on the list please drop Amy an email and let us know.

If you’re counting, yes, we are at 24 teams and need 25 to be a qualifier.

2 thoughts on “Team Update

  1. Please be understand with Judges applications!! I am reviewing applications now and for those that are asking, If I have not had a personal email from you with your application attached to it do not have it my records! With that said, please send all KCSB and ACSA applications to

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