Cabowabo Grilling &CaboRita Contest

The registration for this FUN competition will remain open til Friday, October, 19th til 2:00 pm..Only 35.00 to compete with your favorite teams and vendors!!



Historical BBQ

Foomoncho BBQ

Brutus and Company

High on The Hog

Friday Night Smoke

Fat Heads Brewery and Smokehouse

Outlaw Attitude BBQ


Starbrick BBQ


List of Events and Attractions for 2018

Thursday, October 18th

5:00-9:00 pm —Teams and Vendors check-in

6:00-9:00 pm—Community, Teams, and Vendors gathering for fun and laughs in The Cabo Wabo Margarita Bar tent!! Dress in your favorite Tropical attire and enjoy the Island music.

7:30 pm———Stuart’s Opera House–ABC Players presents “Spring Awakening”. Tickets $12.00 Adult $8.00 for Students, For more information

Friday, October 19th

6:00 am—The Mine Tavern breakfast and Bloody Mary’s bar

9:00 am——-Festival grounds open.. Vendors and Team check-in

11:00 am——-Food, Cabo Wabo and Beer tent open

12:00-6:00 pm-Live radio remote hosted by WAIS WILD COUNTRY

1:00 pm———- 22 mile Fall Foliage Train Ride.

4:00-6:00 pm—Cabo Wabo Tequila Grill and Margarita Competition–Competition is open to public. See website for applications

6:00-9:00—-Live Bluegrass music Coal Cave Hollow Boys

9:15-11:00- Live Country Music “Sweetheart of Hocking Hills’ Julia Neville and Band.

Saturday, October 20th Competition Day

6:00 am—The Mine Tavern Breakfast and Bloody Mary’s Bar

9:00 am—Festival grounds, Food, Cabo Wabo and Beer tent open

11:00-12:00- Judging for best decorated TEAM AND VENDORS spot!!

12:00-2:00pm- Full Court Jazz Band

12:00 and 2:30- Fall Foliage Train Rides.

2:30-3:30——–Kay Carter and Friends

4:00-5:00——-KCBS Awards

6:00-8:00——–Trunk or Treat Train Ride

Due to daily and hourly up-dates with events and competitions times and location, please check our website and FB pages for current updates… For more information contact Amy Kinneer-Spoutz @ 740-270-2696 … See you all next week!!

KCSB Added Judges

Jason Anderson

Dennis & Dan Kunc

Robert Christman

Rich Yerkey

Tracie Hamula

Steve Laird

Brian & Marilyn Sessions

John Connor

Deb Bartgis

Lane Hay

Ed 7 Cindy Fickle

Bryan Suddith

Dean 7 Ken Smittj

Millard VanHouse

Doug Weber

KCBS Judges

William Freeze

Kevin Haugh

Kenneth Smith

Dean K Smith

Scott Armstrong

Larry Pogue

Rick Hanna

Faith and Larry Pgue

James Hitt

Ron Hebert

Tony Rospert

Brad Jones

John Dzurovici

Joan and Robert Westbrock

James Helb

Micheal  Mcleemo

Melinda Sherbs

Bryan Suddith

Vincent Tomman

Chris Henkel

Lloyd & Judy Wright

Scott McGraw

Danince Brooks

Brian Solomon

Rufus Walker

Mary Walker

Nick Vonbonnia

Barry &Vickie Wyatt

Rich Morris

Brenda,Barbara & Mike Hall

Tracie Hamula

Randy Buckner

Rose Kunc

Mary Tersine

Michael Bear

Brian Moore

John P Jones

William Dwyer

John Glover

Jennifer Eggleton

Dainel Schuman

Cheryl Bayle

William Wyler

Jordon Hall

Jason Anderson









KCBS 2018 Judges

  • Millard VanHouse      Cable, OH                         #54892
  • Kenneth D Smith         Vincent, Oh                     #45784
  • Dean K Smith               Vincent, Oh                      #68908
  • Bryan Suddith             Kettering, Oh                   #94879
  • John Hearns                 North Ridgeville, Oh      #96486
  • Cindy Fickle                 Logan, Oh                         #56410
  • Ed Fickle                       Logan, Oh                         #56509
  • Lane Hay                      Cranberry, PA                   #58768
  • Deb Bartgis                   Cranberry, PA                  #70365
  • Steve Lard                    Cinci, Oh                           #94179
  • John Conner                 Galloway, OH                    #68891
  • Marilyn Sessions,        Kent, Oh                            #90814
  • Brian Sssions                Kent, Oh                            #90815
  • Steve Laird                    Cinci, Oh                           #94179
  • Scott Riffle                     Cinci, Oh                           #67465
  • Tracie Hamula             Cross Lanes, WV            #93402