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Ohio Smoked Meat & BBQ Festival
836 Lake Hope Drive
Nelsonville, OH 45764

Message – (740) 300-0159


9 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. will bbq be available for the general public or is this only a competition? i live an hour away and don’t want to drive there if none of the good q is available to eat. thanks

  2. This is a sanctioned KCBS competition. Knowing that many people are very curious about BBQ and that the competition is held on the streets of downtown Nelsonville we encourage the public to attend. This year we will be having several food vendors serving various types of BBQ as well as other items. These vendors will be located on W. Washington St. and at the corner of Rocky Boot Way and Canal St.
    Most teams are quite social and will answer questions but please be aware that this is also a competition and during preparation and turn in the team members will be very busy and be focused on the competition.

    1. Jason, The vending applications/contracts are available on the website now. Please complete the application and send it to us. Thank you.

  3. Can you please send me an application and more information about competing at the event in October? Thank you.

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